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Corporate Classes, huh?

So, you want to make a special event for your company, huh?


A little dash of art and creativity can be a memorable addition to any work-related party! And our events are - literally - perfect for the job. We offer both practical training as well as stress-relieving team building events.


We can’t help with the overall hosting of the party, such as decorating and catering, but we CAN bring our workshops to you (or you can come to our facilities downtown!) and offer some refreshing and interactive entertainment - our events can easily be angled towards practical activities (such as linoleum printing Greeting Cards, Silkscreening tote bags as client gifts, or hand- lettering your company’s logo for a splash of color at your entrance!).

From silkscreen printing to VR drawing, we have classes that are sure to excite your team and reward them for all their hard work, AND get them pumped for the coming projects! If you have an idea for a workshop, that isn’t listed in this pamphlet, then get in touch. We have tons of experience with hosting creative events, so we can help you create your perfect party!



Located at Storgata 32, in the iconic Gunerius building, Blank Space offers 530kvm of “why-not” focused opportunities across the visual art and design community, helping individual hobbyists to influential companies alike.


We offer a variety of opportunities for audiences of all types, and offer projects that are both commercial and authentic to the community we serve - working in the arts requires a special relationship to the out-of-the-ordinary, and we are experts in blending the imagination with a foundational connection to reality. In our private classes program we offer unique creative classes to you and your work place - whether you are looking for an educational class to help build the skills in your team, a team building event to boost the work spirit in your department, or a low-key evening to relieve some steam with friends.


Outside of our educational division we offer coworking for more than 50 designers and a full support system for artists of all colors through our podcasts, public speaking, portfolio reviews, and everything in between.



The easiest way to register is to send us an email! Contact our coordinator at We recommend registering early - in order to make all the moving pieces fit together, we recommend giving at least 2 months notice for a class. On a tight deadline? We can still make it work - just let us know! Heads up - A class is only confirmed once the deposit (50% of the total price) has been paid.


You want to cancel already?! That breaks our hearts. But we get it - prepayment can be scary, but we have a nice policy in place for these eventualities:

> 30 days before an event: 100%

< 30 days before an event: 0%

If we need to cancel for any reason (say, the teacher is sick or our location implodes), then you will get a full refund for your class. In either case, this tuition can definitely always be transferred to another event.


We will supply all materials where possible, and will always send out a material list for each class that covers what this entails exactly, and also what we cannot supply. In general, if your class is analogue we will supply all materials necessary (such as paints, easels, pencils and papers). However, we cannot supply any digital assets - such as computers or program access.


Classes can be held at either your location or ours - at Storgata 32 in downtown Oslo. There may be a few classes that require one or the other, or else have a fee for transporting equipment, and this will be noted in each individual class description.


Our default language is English, but most of our teachers speak Norwegian fluently. If you have a requirement please let us know! (If it happens that everyone in a class, including the teacher, is a native Norwegian, then of course it’s fine to teach in Norwegian…!

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