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Below is some additional information to help you decide if Blank Space is right for you! This is not a contract nor a complete set of conditions and terms. 
The price to rent our gallery is a firm 4000 NOK per week. We do not take any commission - you keep 100% of any sales you make with us.  Minimum 1 week rental. The gallery can be rented for multiple weeks at a time.

You (Renter) are responsible for:  

● Docent under opening hours*

● Marketing and Advertising

● Curating

● Setting up / Tearing down the artwork (including hanging and mounting)**

● Photography and Documentation

● Transport

● Framing / Printing images

● Alcohol License

● Alcohol, food, drinks, entertainment, etc

● (1) key which grants 24/7 access to Blank Space through your rental period.​ If this key is not returned, you will be charged a 5 000NOK rental price. Don’t lose the key…! 

Blank Space offers:

● (1) free hour consultation with Blank Space’s director, Liz Ramsey

○ Blank Space will help as much as we can throughout the whole rental process

● A clean and crisp gallery space, with professional lighting and equipment  

● Regular tools such as hammer and nails, tape and levels, ladder, gallery bars, etc

● Central location in the smack middle of Oslo, on Storgata in the Gunerius building

● Listing in our calendar, with 300+ physical prints and +6000 digital impressions

● The ability to tag us on social media - this offers the chance to use our “good reputation” and reach our network of 6K+ on Facebook, 3K+ on Instagram ​(@blankspaceoslo)

● Access to a huge audience of artistic and culturally minded people 
Options Blank Space can offer for an additional price:

● Photography, during exhibition or for general documentation : starting at 5000 NOK

● Marketing : starting at 5000 NOK

● Curation : 1000 per hour

● *Docent during opening hours : 250 kr. per hour

● **Setting up / Tearing down the artwork: 250kr per hour 


Important information

1. The gallery walls will be painted either black or white. We do not have the option to paint them, but you are welcome to paint them yourself as long as the gallery is returned to the same color it was by the end of your rental period. 
2. It may happen that Blank Space has a workshop during your rental period. We believe this to be a purely positive coincidence, as this is a direct exposure of your artwork to a passionate audience of culturally minded people. We will always let you know 2 weeks in advance what classes we have scheduled so you can plan your opening hours accordingly. There will, of course, be no conflicts during your opening night party!

3. Rental periods ​always​ begin Monday 11:00 and end Sunday at 17:00. 

4. Your booking is not confirmed until the deposit has been paid.  a. The deposit is 4000 NOK.  b. The deposit must be paid latest 1 month after booking, unless your rental is less than 1 month away - in which case this must be paid immediately. c. The deposit will cover any damages to the facility, equipment, or other accidents during the rental period. If everything goes smoothly, your deposit will be refunded no later than 1 month after the end of your rental period ends. 
5. 50% of the total rental price must be paid 1 month after booking, and the remaining half 1 month before the rental period begins.  a. If your rental is less than 1 month away, the entire amount must be paid immediately.  
6. If you cancel the arrangement more than 1 month before the rental period begins, you will receive a 100% refund. If you cancel your arrangement less than 1 month before the rental period begins, you will receive a 0% refund.  
7. Blank Space has insurance covering up to 100 000NOK. This policy covers any stolen or damaged artwork, as long as the reason is not negligence. You as the renter are responsible for any copays arising from using this policy.  
8. We recommend that the renter books a physical viewing of the gallery before booking. It is also smart to double check that we have all the equipment and tools you may need before the rental period begins.  
9. No agreement will be made before the artist has presented some of their artworks (digital images are fine) ​ . Even though Blank Space does not curate these exhibitions, we must ensure that no racist, sexist, homophobic, or other cruel subjects are being shown on our walls. If such artwork is found to be hung up anyways, we will deny entrance to 
the show, keep your deposit and will not refund your rental price. Don’t test this - if you are in doubt if your art is too “controversial” or not, please ask us first.  
10. If you have special needs, is it best to let us know with as much heads up as possible! We want to help, but we are a small team and it increases our chances of helping if we have lots of time ;) 

Curious about anything else? Want to know where to go from here?
Contact our events coordinator!

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