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Please choose "Pick up" on the shipment page to avoid shipping fees - please be aware there is no actual product to pick up.


  • Setup begins at 10:00, The event opens to the public at 11:00. I will not be arriving before 09:30, and need those 30 minutes to setup tables and allocate placement. I guarantee grumpiness if you come earlier hoping to get setup before everyone else ;)
  • ALL transactions must be made through you -  neither Laboratoriet Skøyen nor myself are able to process any transactions for you, nor can we do cash back on a purchase.
  • Please stay until the event closes at 16:00 - We hope there will be a constant stream of people until 16:00 as it is a central meeting point in this area. So if you have something else to do that evening, maybe it is better to join us for a different market another day instead of leaving early at this one :)
  • SHARE! Please help us get attendees by SHARING this event through your social media channels. Laboratoriet Skøyen does do paid sponsorship for the event, but it is also up to our participants to spread the word themselves. This leads to an overall attendance boost - your friends could mean sales for others, and vice versa!

    • Please DO NOT make your own event page, or post directly on the event page we have made. This, in general, creates way more confusion than necessary :)
  • We will be doing "featured" posts with everyone, which will include an image / your website / name as you have sent it to us on your application.
  • Tables are ca 60 x 120cm on average.
  • please be aware that we are unable to screw or mount frames into the wall. Prints or looseleaf paper works the best for this held up with sticky tack / tape. 

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Invite your friends, fans, family, pets, poltergeists, strangers on the bus: 
Remember to tag Blank Page! This gives you an added boost with our audience's (6000+!) visibility and interest :)




(TWO DAYS) Skøyen: Kunst og Designmarked

  • As we are a creative institution that primarily serves artists through education, we are unable to charge MVA on this transaction. Though this shouldn't cause any problems, please contact us if this is an issue. 

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