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Private classes


Are you looking for a unique private class for either your team, your friends, and if you truly are lucky, perhaps for people who are both coworkers AND friends?

We are able and willing to offer our unique program of creative classes to you - whether you are looking for a professional class to help build the skills in your team, a low-key evening to relieve some steam, or a private event such as a birthday or bachelor party. We offer events that can give your group some fantastic memories (and the ability to take home something pretty amazing / pretty ugly)!

Our classes range from super professional (such as learning Adobe After Effects or Anatomy) to super fun (such as VR drawing or Silkscreen printing) and this was a trick as all of our classes are both professional and fun. Our instructors are amazing at what they do, and equally passionate about teaching others.

Our facility offers one of the best creative atmospheres with an incredible location - right in the heart of downtown Oslo - OR, we can bring the fun to you wherever you are!

AND our prices are some of the cheapest in Oslo - so I think this completes the sales pitch of Good Quality + Cheap Prices = Book Now.

Sound like a good time? Send us an email to tell us what's on your mind!

Gallery rentals


You have art, we have walls.

Don’t make it complicated.

To increase the visibility of artists of all kinds, experience levels, and styles, Blank Space offers their esteemed gallery for rental. This location comes with a whole host of advantages, such as an experienced staff with 100+ productions under their belt, an incredible location in the heart of downtown Oslo, and all the equipment you need to make your art look even better than it does now (which, for the record, we highly doubt - you make beautiful art and we love you). You’ll also get added attention from our incredible audience during events we host during your exhibition period - which means direct exposure to hundreds of culturally focused individuals with no extra work.

We do not curate who gets in and do not care how good you are. We are not gatekeepers, and as long as your art isn’t racist, homophobic, sexist, or any other obviously cruel thing that the world needs less of - you’re in!

You get access to one of Oslo’s best independent art galleries for a suspiciously low price. (And with your fee you get to support said “best independent art gallery” produce exhibitions that make them happy and want to live another day. It’s a win-win.)

The gallery costs 4000NOK per week (Monday - Sunday) to rent, and you keep 100% of all sales. 

For more info and the whole list of fine print click here. 

Get in touch with our staff with any serious and/or stupid questions you may have.

Venue rentals


Blank Space rents out our amazing venue for events of all kinds. Our facilities work for everything from launch parties, lectures and debates to intimate concerts, classes/courses, or whatever other creative event that needs a home.

Our facility offers one of the best creative atmospheres with an incredible location - right in the heart of downtown Oslo at Storgata 32. You also receive commission-free ticketing on our website, full support from our friendly and competent staff, and a whole slew of other benefits. We also heard rumors that every other venue in Oslo is awful and horrible and ran by idiots, so I guess that leaves us as the best option, right?

Heads up - This is not to be confused with our gallery rentals - please go up to read more about this opportunity!

General Rentals: 2500 NOK (4 hour rental)

Blank Space Members (Nerd level) get half off rentals at Blank Space! Wow.

For full details of what this does and doesn’t include, for discounts or sponsorship questions, to get pricing for longer or unique rentals, or for just general inquiries get in touch with our staff!


Blank Space is, at its core, a community organization.

We strive every day to make a resource center for people interested in art and design, and joining our ranks doesn’t just mean investing in your own creative journey but also knowing, without a shred of doubt, that you are keeping one of Oslo’s most ambitious and philanthropic cultural meeting points in business.

We hope you love what we do, and because we are a small team of overly ambitious individuals this means it is really easy to voice your opinion about what kind of events you want to attend and we handle all the hard work in producing it! So - joining us means YOU get to choose what YOU want to fill our space with!

Almost like some sort of….Blank Space.

Sign up today!


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