Blank Space is an ambitious creative space in Oslo that works in countless aspects of the visual art and design community. We are a meeting place for the creative and productive. We are a safe haven for the curious and strange. We are a Blank Space for YOU to make Oslo a brighter place. 



The best way to know who we are is to have a chat with us, so don't be afraid of contact us on any of the social media sites we're on. 


Møllergata 9

0179 Oslo, Norway


Blank Space is currently located in the center of Oslo  at the third floor of the red and white brick building in Møllergata 9.  The closest public transport is Stortorvet, Stortinget T and Hammerborgsgata.​
Our entrance is through left main door from the street Please ring the doorbell marked 'Oslo Creative Hub' if the door is locked. 


"Blank Space is a great place to engage in a like-minded community, have an enthusiastic teacher that genuinely cares about lifting others up, and take some time to reflect on building your own professional artist core. The atmosphere of this class is social, welcoming, and relaxed, and the lectures are spot on!"

- Simon Nyhus, illustrator and 3D modeler

“Blank Space represents something completely new in Norway....They have legitimacy outside of the current establishment that builds a sorely needed community, confidence, and professionalism amongst young, new, and enthusiastic artists that will benefit the Norwegian design and creative industries in the long term."

- Lene Renneflott, Director, Grafill

“Blank Space opens the door to the fascinating, and probably pretty intimidating, world of art in a great way. Regardless of whether or not they are talking about street art, illustration, or weird experimental works - Blank Space can help you on your journey, and most importantly, make sure it is FUN!"

-Thomas Alkärr, Program leader NRK

"I felt very inspired after these workshops and I got more confidence about myself and what are my strengths. Their workshops were amazing! I want more!”

- Aimee S., illustrator

Not convinced what we do is neat? Listen to these amazing reviews which we handpicked from hundreds of mediocre reviews. We kid, we kid - we have a 4.9 rating on nearly every site where ratings are relevant. People love us, they really really do.​



Grow With Us

We are a community. This means that when you grow, we grow - like a beautiful tumor.

Fuck Gatekeepers

Blank Space works with every type of person to reassure them that art is for everyone, regardless of finances, background, education, or job. Rich or poor, young or old, artist or not - everyone is welcome. We are not here to tell you no. 


Representing Art In 2022*

We offer a highly curated focus on art in 2021*, focusing on areas such as illustration, animation, comic books, graphic design, street art, film, game design, narrative art, and concept art. We also work with traditional artists who explore contemporary applications.

*or whatever the current year is, if we forgot to update our website.

Strengthen Education

Blank Space offers a wide variety of workshops and events to broaden the creative resources for artists in Oslo. These high-quality arrangements vary in topic, theme, and level so that everyone can improve their skills in visual art and design. We 100% welcome beginners, even if they are really, truly awful. 


Support Action

Blank Space encourages doing, not just talking. And we hope that we give you the resources to act on those beautiful, beautiful dreams of yours. 


Challenge Yourself

Through our studios and events we promote taking risks in art, pushing skills past their current level, and helping others to be the best artist / designer they can be. We help people recognize their mistakes while providing a nurturing environment in which to fix them.




For our current press release, please email drawing@blankspaceoslo.com

Blank Space is always interested in reaching out to the press, no matter how small the organization. We have collaborated with publications to write articles, begin discussions, and create content.


We are also, of course, interested in articles being written about us.

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